AVA project

AVA is an automatic vibrato and portamento detection and analysis tool. It accepts raw audio and automatically tracks the vibrato and portamento to display their expressive parameters for inspection and further statistical analysis.

The applications of AVA include music education and expression analysis, and its outputs provide a useful base for expression synthesis and transformation.

AVA can do:

  1. monophonic audio
  2. vibrato detection
  3. output vibrato rate, extent and sinusoid similarity
  4. portamento detection
  5. output Logistic-based portamento parameters
  6. allow user to correct the detections

AVA can’t do

  1. polyphonic audio
  2. change the vibrato and portamento directly

github: https://github.com/skx300/ava

  • Luwei Yang, Khalid Z. Rajab and Elaine Chew. AVA: A Graphical User Interface for Automatic Vibrato and Portamento Detection and Analysis, In Proc. of the 42nd International Computer Music Conference, 2016.
  • Luwei Yang, Khalid Z. Rajab and Elaine Chew. AVA: An Interactive System for Visual and Quantitative Analyses of Vibrato and Portamento Performance Styles, In Proc. of the 17th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 2016.